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mbox2 6.8 - free update to 7?

Just installed my mbox2 (which i only bought to enhance my job security as i use SADiE for tv work and Logic for music) and i am not impressed. Man every page on digi's site is an essay with very small writing, with a million hyperlinks... there seems to be no check for updates software feature so you have to trawl thru all this crap, i think i'm eligible for the free update tho' they've not sent me an email inviting me to update as i was lead to believe they would, and when i've finally found the right section, they won't accept my serial number on the download form. My shop told me i was eligible and gave me digi's number i'll phone them tomorrow and they will tell me my 30 days free tech support are up- it toook me 30 days to find time to open the box! 30 days! ha! i've bought yogurts with better support!

Anyone know if i'm eligible for v7?