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I'm working on some Cubase sx projects that have recently rise to an high number of audio tracks, all in 48 Khz/32 bit float.

In the last recording sessions I had an annoying problem: when I press the playback button the audio at some point drops for returning few seconds later.
In this timeframe Cubase's disc panel led peak very high (unlike the CPU led, that seem ok).

This happens all the times, until I must delete the last recorded track that seems to cause the problem.

Since I really need the last couple of tracks, the only solution I found is to export what I have done so far, and then start a brand new project.

I have two different phisical drives, one for OS (Windows XP), other for audio files.
RAM is only 1 Gb.

Are there any settings I can alter for improving the PC performace (Increase Virtual Memory maybe)?

Could this be "just" a matter of RAM/CPU consuming, or perhaps the hard drive is failing,and I'm risking a loss of data?

Thanks in advance


hueseph Sun, 04/17/2011 - 22:31

It's always good to backup. As a rule, I don't like seeing more than 60% usage in a disk. If your disk is getting full, dump what you can to dual layer DVD or Blu Ray if you can afford the drive and the disks. Blu Ray burners are pretty cheap now. Around $100. The expense is in the discs which are about $30 each. I would probably buy an external HD for around $60. Larger drives are always better. If you're writing to a smaller drive under 160 gigs, it's time to upgrade. HD light to me says that the hard drive is working too hard. Defragment for now and try to back up as many files as possible.

Edit: Also you should increase your buffer when you mix. 512 samples is a good place to start.