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help - exporting the song

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hello everyone.

Im not a producer,Im just a musician , but Im trying to record some songs with my band. ( i have some equipment at home)

So..we have already recorded everything, we are enjoying it, and we re doing the best that we can to make it sound good, but it is not being easy, and I am having a problem:

I m using L2 in the "master" before exporting the song. I have to use the threshold at -4 ( the atten is going between 3 and 6), to make the volume( after the song is exported) goes like other cd s songs ( not louder and not more quiet). But what is happening is that if I rise up the volume of my monitors, my song starts to have some noise before the cd s songs (that I m using to compare) start having it.
what can you advice me?
sorry about my english
thank you. :wink:


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Kapt.Krunch Wed, 04/16/2008 - 12:11
When you use compression/limiting you bring up the quietest parts and bring down the loudest. That includes any hiss, hum or whatever else is present before the first note is hit on a tune.

What might be happening is that you are bringing up accumulated noise in the tracks before the song starts. There are several things you could do.

You can just highlight the section of the track, in a DAW, from the beginning silence until the first note, and zero out the volume.

You could go back to all the original tracks and silence non-musical sections of each track, keeping in mind not to cut off effects tails, such as reverbs.

You could try to denoise the tracks with a software denoiser, if you have one.

You could try a bit of all the above.

If you try to just zero out the tracks, you may even want to do a very fast fade-in to try to keep a beginning "click" from appearing, and may even consider doing a quick fade-out at the end.

Quick, easy stuff. Probably more, but those are just a few ideas.