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Adobe Audition to Cubase

A friend of mine has asked me to mix in Cubase SX3 a project he recorded in Adobe Audition.

The thing is, the project is very poorly recorded.
what i mean is, no actual set recording blocks. Sets the timer a few seconds before each section and records. Editing is a nightmare to make them line up. (I'm adding my own Drumkit from hell superior drums).

Now, is there ANY way to rewire adobe audition to record each track straight into Cubase as it's a million times easier to algin 1 drumtrack to 30 audio files than 30 audio files to 1 drum track.

What would you recommend?

Thanks guys!


RemyRAD Wed, 03/08/2006 - 21:44
I find your question a bit of a non sequitur? Why is it necessary to go into cubase when the project was recorded in Audition? Isn't everything already in sync in Audition already?? Are you doing any MIDI? If not, I wouldn't bother with cubase. I don't have any problems synchronizing nonsynchronous tracks in Audition. Right click and drag. Once aligned, save the project and you won't have to do it again. Poorly recorded? I think you'll find better tools to correct some of that within the resident tools of Audition? Rewire Audition? A wave file is a wave file and so with a proper playback cue track, you can do overdubs in either program and then import your way files into either program for mixing. I think you're making things more difficult for yourself than they need to be.

Fix it in the mix
Ms. Remy Ann David