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Alesis HD24 & Berringer MX9000 Q & A

Hello everyone...I have an Alesis HD24 and MX9000 Board. I want to know what the easiest way or best way would be to take all of my tracks, and mix them onto a CD from my board. What I'd like to be able to do is send them to a PC then burn a CD from there. Anyone have any ideas?

Vince S.


hueseph Fri, 12/22/2006 - 22:55
Can you hook up your HD24 via ehternet? I think you should be able to do this. That is, if your particular HD24 has an ethernet port. From there your comp should recognize the HD24 as another computer. You should be able to just navigate to the hard drive and drag and drop everything to your computer, import to a software daw and mix from there. Or you could mix live to a __________session on your computer. I think that by far the easiest way to mix your tunes would be to invest in a Masterlink.

Just a thought: can't you mix to two new tracks within the HD24(assuming you have two free tracks of course)?

The manual is your friend.

Boswell Sun, 12/24/2006 - 05:17
Using that particular board, you have no choice but to mix in the analog domain. So you run all 24 channels via balanced looms from the HD24 into the line ins on the MX9000 and do your mix down to two tracks.

What you do with the two track output is another matter. There are several options:

1) Track back to two unwanted tracks on the HD24. Get an ADAT board for your PC (e.g. Marian Marc A) and play the result as two channels in an ADAT stream to a PC file and from there to CD.

2) Buy a good stereo soundcard for the PC that will take line level balanced inputs (up to about +20 dBu)

3) Buy an external CD burner with analog ins. Again, this will need to be the professional type with balanced inputs.

4) Alternatively, get 24 channels of ADAT input for the PC and mix "in the box". In that way, you won't have to send the signals twice though the MX9000, which must be an improvement (only one AD conversion, for example).

5) Get the FireWire adaptor for the HD24 drive caddies and copy the wav files to the PC. I would avoid the ethernet route, if possible.

RemyRAD Sun, 12/24/2006 - 20:14
The ethernet route is ridiculously slow. Forget that for anything longer than 2 1/2 minutes and 2 channels.

$200 for the FireWire adapter specific for that recorder is necessary. Don't think you can buy somebody else's FireWire drive gizmo. They won't work. I know. Been there. Done that.

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Ms. Remy Ann David

Pro Audio Guest Mon, 12/25/2006 - 19:36

Hey everyone thanks! I purchased an MBox Mini and it came with Pro tools LE 7.1. I was able to get my 24 tracks into two stereo tracks with a little tweaking. I think I am using this correctly....The fire wire port seems the best, but I just invested 290+ on the MBox Mini. I realize I have new school and half old school technology going on... i guess I still like the big board in front of me and the gear everywhere!
Thanks again to the all posts to my topic. I appreciate the help.