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sync questions..

This is my first post to this forum I appologize
in advance for any stupid questions.

I've got an MX2424 and the Ramsa DA7. I track
with outboard pre's into the MX2424 analog inputs.
For mixdown I go out of the recorder digitally
into the DA7. The final mix goes into a computer through a dspfactory. Where I use RedRoaster
to finalize the project and burn the final copy
on an CD-r internal to the computer.

Currently, I've been syncing the mixer off the
recorder's wordclock with the computer syncing
to the aes output of the mixer.

I also have a MOTU timepiece AV that I could use
as a clock source. Would it be an improvement
to use the MOTU as a clock source?
Is there a way to sync the DSPFactory board
using the same clock rather than to the AES?

One headache I currently have is playback from
the computer. I have it configured to play into
the 2 track input of the Ramsa, but I have to
always switch the sync source of the mixer to
the 2 track input whenever I do this. If I
forget to switch it back then any subsequent
playback from the recorder has syncing problems,
so I'd rather clock everything off one clock.
I'm just not sure if the MOTU is a decent clock,
or if the DSPFactory can sync to it.

I also have a sonorus board around here that
could be used and has a clock input, but it's
optical in and the mixer output is AES. I'd
need some kind of optical/electrical converter.

Never had these problems with the DA38 .
But then again, track bouncing really sucked.

Thanks for any advice,


Ang1970 Wed, 12/05/2001 - 09:11
Read again Simon, Stephen is recording direct into the MX2424 via outboard pre's. And it is likely that the MX2424 has the most stable clock out of the 3, so even if he was hitting the ramsa first it might be better to slave it to the MX2424. But we'd have to try it with each one being the master to be sure.

anonymous Wed, 12/05/2001 - 09:47
Thanks for the replies. The redroaster/dspfactory can slave to the AES. I've got it configured this way and it works fine when sending material to the computer. The problem occurs, when I play back material from redroaster. The output of
the computer is connected (via AES) back to the mixer's 2 track AES input. I get ticks unless I change the mixer configuration to sync on the 2 track AES input.

I suspect that even if the mixer was the master that the problem would still occur (but I will try this).

I suppose it's possible that there is both an
input and output sync source on the DSPFact. I'll look over the documentation tonight.

Can there be some input/output latency? That would be lousy...

I'm using only the DSPFact board with no input/output modules. It has only the analog and digital in/out on the main board.

Patrick Wed, 12/05/2001 - 19:08
Hey Stephen.

Can you export a wave file from the 2424? If so, why not just forget the DSPF (unhook it completely from your mixer), mix to a stereo track on the 2424, and then export your wave file (to disk or data CD-r) to write the CD on your computer?

I used to use a DSPF (still for sale, by the way), but Yamaha writes crappy drivers, which can often be the source of clicks and pops, and I found it quite a pain in the butt to try to run the DSPF from within a software sequencer.You have much better stuff in the 2424 and the ramsa, so why not just stick with them?

just my thoughts .....

Oh, yes, (if I remember correctly) if you're not using a program which specifically supports all the features of the DSPF, you can't set it to sync to the digital input--I think that it syncs to its own clock by default. If it's set to sync to the digital input from your mixer, the digital output should also be in sync. (But I wouldn't trust it).

cheers, and good luck :)


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