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Cubase le4/Presonus Fpto/Korg Tr61- midi/instrument recordin

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Ok, Sorry another noob to midi. My questions are of two relared (I believe) areas in 1, using HALion player with korg recording as an instrument track and
2, Using korg tr61 as midi instrument to record midi tracks (both instances with Cubase 4le.

Ok, so I have my midi cables plugged in-out -to -in etc, I also register sound and activity on the cubase mixer but after I record, when I go to play back, all I get is one loud note at the start of the track, I know this sounds to be a connection issue I after days/hours and loosing oh so much hair cannot figure it out-please really need help?

on 2, well I didnt even get that far. Using a midi track I hear nothing and nothing is recorded, seemingly.

I know midi is a signal, but cant I use the sounds in the korg as a synth as well as a controller? and also use soft synths which I have one or two to record and playback midi tracks?